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Haitham Shaban, PhD

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Senior Research Fellow at the Agora translational cancer research center, and the Precision Oncology, Lausanne University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland.

"leading a project to explore how chromatin of cancer and immune cells can be used as a predictive biomarker for immunotherapy response by using multiplexing imaging and digital image processing tools".

Associate professor of biophysics at the Physics Research Institute, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt.

Research Interests

My research focuses on studying the regulation of eukaryotic genome organization and gene expression in living cells in health and disease. For this aim, I develop my research in two directions:


1- Develop and use advanced quantitative single-cell imaging and computational techniques to decipher the mechanisms by which gene activity orchestrates the 4D genome arrangements in eukaryotic cells.

2- Apply imaging-Artificial Intelligent (AI) based single-cell chromatin method to analyze nuclear features, to determine predictive biomarkers for cell states and their transitions, phenotypic mapping of cancer progression, and treatment response such as immunotherapy.


Abdellah, M.*, Valades-Cruz, CA.*, Barth, R., Shaban, H.A.‡, 2022. Genome-wide analysis of the dynamic and biophysical properties of chromatin and nuclear proteins in living cells with Hi-D.  Nature Protocols (In Revision).   (‡) Corresponding Author

Barth, R., Bystricky, K., Shaban, H.A.‡, 2020. Coupling chromatin structure and dynamics by live super-resolution imaging, Science Advances; 6: eaaz2196.       (‡) Corresponding Author

 Shaban, H.A.‡, Barth, R., Recoules, L., Bystricky, K‡., 2020. Hi-D: Nanoscale mapping of nuclear dynamics in single living cells. Genome Biology, 21(1), 95.     (‡) Corresponding Author   

Shaban, H.A.‡, Barth, R., Bystricky, K‡., 2018. Formation of correlated chromatin domains at nanoscale dynamic resolution during transcription. Nucleic Acids Research, 46 (13), e77-e77.    

Shaban, H.A.*, Cruz, C.A.V. *, Kress, A., Bertaux, N., Monneret, S., Mavrakis, M., Savatier, J. and Brasselet, S., 2016. Quantitative nanoscale imaging of orientational order in biological filaments by polarized super-resolution microscopy. PNAS, 113(7), pp. E820-E828.    (*) Equal Contribution

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